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Granaries at Nankoweap Trail

Granaries at Nankoweap Trail. To get here, you have to hike one of the toughest trails in the Canyon. Not only is it over 6,000 feet from top to river, there is a stretch 6 inches wide.  You have to carry a backpack and. . .your own water.

There is plenty to see:  petroglyphs and  30+ ruins.  Anthropologists estimate that 900 people might have lived in  this area.  The manmade rooms in the painting were thought to store grain.

Historical note: In 1882, John Wesley Powell had an ancestral Puebloan trail  improved for geologists; today it attracts recreational hikers.

Sidenote: One of my collectors told me she stayed at the bottom of the Canyon and watched her daughter climb the trail through binoculars.  That’s where I would be; watching.