Where is this?  It could be in any of the  four directions from my house. . .I can see all of this looking in any direction but that low wall?  Its part of my front entrance.

The Greater Roadrunner seems to enjoy watching people and may hang out where you live.  To see  if you have a roadrunner in the area, look for the  distinguishing footprints.  Roadrunners have zygodactyl feet which means they have two toes in the front and two in back.Their footprint looks like an X.

In fact, if there is one, there should be two.  The roadrunner mates for life after its mating ceremony that involves bowing and treats for the opposite sex. The males help incubate the eggs, sitting on the nest at night because the female’s body temperature lowers and the male’s  body stays at the normal temperature. The young stay hidden until almost grown.

Good hunters?  You will see them standing on a patio roof or fence proudly showing off the dead lizard in their beak!