In an invitation-only opportunity in 2012, I was invited to decorate a metal dog  for Petcasso,  the Arizona Humane Society’s, Phoenix, Arizona, fundraiser.  Not only were we asked to paint the metal sculpture, we needed to create a back story for our creation.  I fell in love with my dog and his story. Somehow,  Pablo was the only name that worked. . .and so the connection with Pablo Picasso. Here is my Pablo and his story:


Pablo PetcassoMy name is Pablo Petcasso because, well, I better tell you my story. My great-great-great; well many greats, great-grandfather was a constant companion of that celebrated artist named Pablo Picasso. He fell in love with a small, brown dachshund named Lump (which means rascal in German), who was first the companion of David Douglas Duncan, a world famous photographer.

Mr. Duncan came to photograph Mr. Picasso and Lump accompanied him. They say it was love at first sight between Pablo and Lump. In fact, it was so momentous that the date was recorded: April 19, 1957. Pablo carried Lump around with him, let him sit on his lap and occasionally eat off his plate at the table. There is even a book about their relationship: “Picasso Meets Lump: A Dachshund’s Odyssey,” by Mr. Duncan.

So, that’s why my name is Pablo (Lump named his firstborn son Pablo. Every generation has continued the tradition.). And just so people get the connection, I like to wear my harlequin jacket when I go to fancy events like the “Passion with Compassion” event. Although his harlequin paintings aren’t my favorite, people get the connection because of the poignant paintings Pablo did of some of his circus performer friends.

My favorite Pablo painting is Las Meninas (Maids of Honor) which he painted in 1957. I think you can guess why. You can’t miss Lump; he’s right in front! But best of all is the photo of Lump meeting Pablo for the first time. Lump is leaning on Pablo’s legs; they are looking into each other’s eyes. They were a pair. They died within a week of each other in 1973.