Sacred Places


Hispanics who moved to Scottsdale to work the cotton fields in the early 1900’s,  built the first Catholic church in the area.  They chose a Spanish Colonial Revival design with a curvilinear parapet wall  above the roof-line and a bell tower.  The  thousands of the 50-pound adobe bricks needed for the outside walls were made by parish members after a day in the field.  Each family made their own pew. The first Mass was held in 1933.

As the congregation grew, it moved to a new church building in 1956, at Miller and Main streets. Soon, the Scottsdale Symphony found the empty building was ideal  for practice and stayed there for 26 years until the building underwent restoration in 2011.

Now, restored, it is on the National Register of Historic Places.

P.S.  Don’t look for a pink church at Brown Ave and 1st in Scottsdale; it is actually a pristine white.