Sweet Pea

On her first trip to New York City, my daughter Whitney fell in love with a painting of a pink rhino being sold on the street. She always regretted not buying it. So there was my motivation. . .
I painted a rhino, not pink but blue. In fact, the blue of William, the hippopotamus mascot of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
Both are endangered. . but I felt the rhinos are especiallly targeted because of their horns. They are not magical; they are made out of fingernail material. . .but the superstitution is out there that the horn can cure almost everything.

P.S.  Sweet Pea was in the Three Chicks Exhibition at ASU Gammage.  A mother in Colorado Springs saw a video of the show.  Her little boy, Max, loves rhinoceros.  In fact, his favorite toy  was a stuffed rhinoceros his grandmother bought him before he was born.

His mother asked me to paint “Nino” for her Max.

And Max loves his painting!

Up next…”Nino”